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Exploit of organic silicon monomers:
There are a wide variety of organic silicon monomers on the market at present. Market application is available for more than 1800 kinds of monomers, which is increasing every year. As one of domestic leaders in the field of special type monomers development, by now, Zhuangming has developed more than 500 kinds of special monomers, including some custom=made items. We have around 300 monomers in stock, which mainly cover the application in all fields.

R&D service of performance modified of organic silicon monomers:
The down-stream products of organic silicon contain resins, coatings and paintings, silicone oil, rubbers, cosmetics, engineering materials, medicine/pharmaceuticals, silica gel, sealing gel, etc. We devote to provide perfect technology service to the companies of the down-stream products and help them to be better in the work of performance modified. Especially in the fields of coatings, silicone oil and engineering materials, Zhuagming has made big breakthroughs.

Special exploit project of organic silicon:
Our company devotes to supply special exploit with customers. We are serving many famous enterprises, such as Samsung, Sinopec and so on. Helping customer to promote the project progress and keep confidentiality for mentioned products is our duty.

Exploit of special type silicone oil:
Project development

Exploit of super waterproof materials:
Project development






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